The official blog of Etch, an awesome personal blogging platform.

Introducing Etch 🎉

Today I’m introducing Etch, a personal blogging platform for the open web. Etch started because I wasn’t satisfied with the complexity of WordPress, or the annoying popups on Medium. I wanted a blogging service I would be happy to power my own blog, at a price everyone could afford.

Every Etch blog comes with:

  • Simple distraction-free writing interface
  • Built-in newsletter
  • Custom domain support (with free SSL)
  • Custom pages and header links
  • Custom colors, image, and blog description
  • RSS feed

Etch is just $11 for one year, including all the features. No pricing tiers or gimmicks. Etch is bootstrapped and free of ads and investors.

Etch has been powering my blog for a while now, and today it can power yours too.

What's next?

I will continue to polish the core feature set and work on improving the personal blogging experience. I’m inspired by new standards from the IndieWeb movement, such as Webmention and Micropub, and will help push them forward by adding support for these exciting standards.

You can find Etch on and on Twitter. You can find me, the founder, at